Daddy’s First Born Child
Lyrics and Music by
Donald J. Costa Jr.

You’re constantly reminding me, your Daddy’s First Born Child
The First to sit upon my knee, The first to see you smile
The first to hold your hands out, and wipe away your tears
And give your Dad a great big kiss, with smiles from ear to ear
Cause you’re Daddy’s First Born Child

The years have gone so quickly now, I can’t recount them all
One day your just two feet high, the next your five feet tall
But it’s the Lady that’s within you, that makes your Daddy proud
No matter how small you were, you stood above the crowd
Cause you’re Daddy’s First Born Child

The first to see the sunrise, and feel the morning rain
The first to take a breath of life and feel His love within
The first to hear a fairy tale, and dance on Daddy’s shoes
And while we danced a night bird sang, a special song for you
Cause your Daddy’s First Born Child

In the world of harmony, you found your special man
I wish you peace and happiness, as I leave you in his hands
I only pray that you will find, the joy you’ve given me
When within your heart you’ll feel a smile,
As you hold YOUR First Born Child